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TV ad models and ad types for crypto ads Turkey, coin ads, token advertising. TV commercials give confidence to the audience and allow you to reflect your corporate identity in the most appropriate way.

We have been broadcasting TV commercials since 2014. Contact us immediately for the most accurate planning.

Especially today, the number of crypto units is very large. Even if you reach your audience from all digital media, it is much more important that you trust the audience.

For this, we recommend that you run long-term advertisements with many repetitions in the most watched TV broadcasts. This page has been carefully prepared in the light of this information, please read it carefully;

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Publishing crypto ads in Türkiye and token advertising within the borders of Türkiye is subject to certain conditions. These conditions are as follows;

  1. To register with the Capital Markets Board (SPK)
  2. Having a Tax Plate on behalf of the coin or token to be advertised in Turkey for at least 3 years,
  3. Even if these conditions are met, the channel has the right to decide on advertising.

Blockchain companies that meet these conditions can publish their ads in Türkiye. Even if these conditions are not met, only in case of the high amount of fines to be paid to RTÜK and other institutions can broadcast advertisements within TR.

These conditions are valid for all advertising spaces in Turkey. High penalties are applied to blockchain companies and intermediaries that publish advertisements without the conditions being met.

We broadcast advertisements on European TVs, which can also be watched from Turkey, for blockchain companies outside of Turkey that do not meet these conditions.

We broadcast crypto advertisements, coin advertisements and blockchain TV advertisements on these TVs broadcasting in Turkish, which can be watched in Europe and Turkey.

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Although these channels are also watched from Turkey, they can reach a maximum of 10 million+ viewers in Europe. Main countries watching these channels in Europe: Germany, Netherlands, France, England, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries. From Turkey, these European channels are followed by their logos.

Token Advertising TV advertisements and coin advertisements are subject to the following conditions within these channels. After these conditions are met, the payment stage begins. We do not proceed to the payment stage without approval for the publication of advertisements.

  • Legal approval must be obtained for crypto ads in ATV Europe, Euro Star. The channel may not approve the advertisement.
  • Crypto for EURO D to be advertised must be in the top 1,000. If this condition is not met, the seriousness of the project will be considered.
  • We can broadcast your advertisements on TV8 int, TGRT EU and Kanal 7 Europe channels.
  • On beINSports screens, only Turkish Super League matches can be advertised; visual quality is required to be good and institutional. Banner advertisements in the match are only visual, banner advertisements with animation effects are not broadcast. Pre-match, half-time, and post-match spot-video advertisements are broadcast.
  • After all these conditions are fulfilled, Sardunya As advertising principles, the words “Advertisement” and “Not Investment Advice” in the advertisement content should remain legible on the screen throughout the advertisement period.

We broadcast your advertisements in 3 different types on European TVs. Advertisements are published in the form of Band Advertising, Spot video advertising and sponsorship.

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blockchain reklam
Crypto Ads Turkey Video Ads

Spot Video Ads is an ad model that is broadcast as a normal video that covers the entire screen when the broadcast goes to the ad break. It should be sent ready. It should be sent ready in 1920x1080px size, 25 fps and .mp4 format by working in a safe area of 96px from all sides, or it should be prepared according to the project you want for an extra fee.

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They are advertisements that are broadcast for 8 or 10 seconds at the bottom of the screen within the broadcast. The advertisement should be sent ready or it can be sent in .mov or .mxf format with 1920x216px size, 96px safe area from right-left edges. 1 banner ad preparation is free. You need to send us the logo, images and texts you want in the advertisement.

SPONSOR: These are the 5-second commercials that are broadcasted as … presents/presented the sponsorship you want on TV, …ongoing/will continue in the programs.

The banner ads on the BeINSports screen should be visual only, without animation, should be 1920×216 px, 96px from the right-left edges, and the visual should be prepared based on the Digiturk emblem in commercial areas, in .jpg or .png format. 1 banner ad preparation is free with your order.

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On the BeinSports Europe screen, the broadcaster of Super League matches, your spot-video-advertisements can only be broadcast before, during and after the match in Super League matches. In banner ads, it is broadcast in certain locations during the match.

BeINSports has 1 Million+ unique access with the number of subscribers to watch European Turkey Super League matches. Countries where subscribers live;

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Herzegovina, Albania, Turkey, Bosnia and other countries that are illegal, in addition to these countries: Ads are shown to those who watch the broadcast.

BeinSports Screen Banner Ad Positions; Advertisements are broadcast only in Türkiye Super League matches. Orders are placed for all matches of at least 1 week or only Champion Teams; You can choose to broadcast advertisements in the matches of Başakşehir, Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor. All of these places are for a single company’s ad delivery;

turkey advertising tv

Banner ad positions are valid for all matches of the week, no single match selection is made;

  • 1 In all matches of the week, at the beginning of the match, at the end of the first half, at the beginning of the second half, at the end of the match,
  • Before or after the referee’s whistle at the 1st, 45th, 46th and 90th minutes of all matches of the week,
  • 1 Week Only in Champion Teams’ matches immediately after ALL GOALS
  • 1 Week Only in Champion Teams’ matches after all goals in SANTRA
  • 1 Week Only in Champion Teams’ matches, 2 SUBSTITUTIONS will be instant in each match.
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Click to view the Türkiye Super League Fixture and select the weeks you want to advertise.

1 By determining the advertisement duration, the following total seconds duration can be distributed. If you can share with us the budget you can allocate for TV Ads, we will prepare a special broadcast plan for you.

crypto tv ads price list

BeinSPORTS Euorpa TV Ads: 1,034,000 registered subscribers in Europe alone. (Especially the number of impartial people who will watch derbies) IP TV viewers are not included in this figure.

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europa tv spot match crypto ads price list
crypto tv ads price list turkey europa tv

It is only valid for Turkish TVs broadcast in Europe. Prices may vary from month to month. Contact us for current prices and a broadcast plan specific to your budget.

You can make choices as advertising options, we can prepare special plans for you by sharing your average budget. Prices vary monthly according to channels and total time (seconds) to be used.

Contact us immediately for reservation. Let your Crypto TV ads be broadcast on Turkish TVs in Europe. Let your ads reach millions. We have been broadcasting TV commercials since 2014. Contact us immediately for the most accurate planning.

Send this page to the advertising department;

Crypto Ads Turkey, token advertising TV ads, a reservation is created by completing all the steps below in order.

  1. Advertising and broadcasting plan should be ready,
  2. Approvals must be obtained for the advertisement to be published. As SardunyaAdvertising principles, the phrases “ADVERTISING” and “NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE” should be in the part of the advertisement to be read in crypto advertisements.
  3. Payment must be completed before first broadcast. Payments can be sent through the bank. Other payment methods: USDT
  4. After the broadcast of the advertisement is finished, a detailed report is issued. If there is a difference between the ordered time and the published time, a compensatory publication plan is made.
  5. Only x1 screen recordings from each different program/broadcast are sent to you in a high resolution collage for you to publish on your social media accounts. Not all advertisements are recorded, but 1 screen recording is sent for each different program in which advertisements are broadcast.

NOTE: TV ads are not measurable like digital ads. It is not known who watched which channels and programs. Since TV ads will increase trust in your brand, we recommend long-term ads with the maximum number of repetitions in the most watched broadcasts.

Sardunya Reklam, Variyetli Reklam ve Danismanlik Hiz. Tic. LTD. ŞTİ. is a brand. It has been collaborating with TV channel managements for advertising broadcasts since 2014.